I’ve just seen this interesting video of Dan Bergh Johnsson on DDD Security and I must admit that I agree with Dan under many aspect. One of the real advantage of DDD is making business explicit, and this can help in so many places in your software, that even security can benefit of DDD. It […]

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Structures based on Commands, Events and respective handler are really flexible and to maximize this flexibility adopting a convention over configuration is the key of success. If you look at this simple playground project you can find that we adopted a convention where a domain handler is any object that implements the IDomainHandler marker interface […]

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If you are moving to a more DDD oriented architecture probably you will adopt a solution that uses Commands and Handlers. Commands are the requests sent to BOUNDED CONTEXT from users or from external systems, they are processed by Command Executors and usually execution is a matter of loading some AGGREGATE ROOT from the store […]

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Some of my friends are doing great stuff with DDD but it is difficult to do DDD in legacy projects that last for years and started with a classical structure of UI+domain(anemic)+ORM/DAL, so it seems that exploring the fascinating land of DDD is an option only for people that start to work on new project, […]

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I was playing around with SimpleCQRS project because my friend Andrea started to work on it recently. We now have Mongo repository for the events so I forked the project to have a look on it and contribute to Andrea works. I’ve opened the solution, ran the program, created some InventoryItems, then I look into mongo […]

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