Another big advantages of using MMS to manage your mongo deployments is the ability to automatic upgrade agents and instances. For agents you can simply open the deployment area of a group and select edit mode. If some agent is outdated, the interface will immediately warn you with an alert on the top of the […]

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In an old post I’ve shown how to easily deploy mongo thanks to MMS online services. Mms is not only useful to deploy mongo instances, but it is exceptional also for monitoring and configuring. One of the most interesting features is managing users easily from mms web interface. Suppose you had installed mongo on an […]

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One of the greatest advantage in using Git over a centralized Version Control System is branching system. It is quite common for developers to start branching whenever they need to add a new feature, work on that branch and finally merge back to mainline when the feature is finished. One of the most famous workflow […]

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Deploy mongo easily with mms
on November 1st, 2014
On category: NoSql

One of the reason why Mongo is gaining a lot of momentum in the industry is the easy of use. Just download the package, start mongod and you are donw. When you are in production, you cannot surely simply install your mongo as a service, start it and then forget it without any kind of […]

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One of the most interesting news of VSO in last months are service hooks and REST API to integrate VSO with third party tools. This capability is a key for success because ALM is really a complicated subject and rarely you can manage all of your applications with a single tools. VSO and TFS are […]

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