I’ve blogged some days ago on Securing the password in build definition. I want to make a disclaimer on this subject. The technique described in that article permits you to use encrypted password in a build definition, but this password cannot be decrypted only if you have no access to the build machine. If you […]

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Sometimes, even if you are logged in as a domain user that has all the rights to access TFS, when you navigate to TFS you are prompted for password every time. You simply re-enter your credentials and you access TFS, but each time you close and reopen the browser you need to manually reenter credentials. […]

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Some days ago I had some tweet exchange with Giulio about a post of Gordon on storing security info in TFS Build Definition. The question is: how can I store password in build definition without people being able to view them simply editing the build definition itself? With TFS 2013 a nice new Build template […]

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If you use good comments in your code, sometimes you need to search inside those comment to find a certain part of code associated to a specific comment that contains specific word. The sad part is that you can do it only for the latest version of the code and not for the entire history […]

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TFS Rest Api are one of the most exiting new feature introduced in Visual Studio Online. One of the most important aspect of TFS is the ability to gather data about our team and having full access to that data for custom reporting is the primary need for most people. While you can query TFS […]

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