I use NANT to automate the build process, now I face a little problem with silverlight. When you reference a service the designer of visual studio generate a ServiceReferences.ClientConfig  with configuration of the service, it contains the address of the service and it gets compiled inside the .xap file generated by compilation I use to […]

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Yesterday I moved my first steps on silverlight, I’m working on a big solution with a big Web site, and the solution build time is really increased when I add silverlight project to the solution. It is really frustrating because I change something in the silverlight control, then I had to at least issue a […]

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These days I’m playing a bit with Silverlight, to realize a little piece of backoffice of an ASP.NEt classic application. We decided to give a chance to silverligth because the backoffice is used only internally and so we can make experience with a noncritical piece of software. Even If I do not adopt a MVC […]

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