ELMAH is probably de-facto the most commonly used solution to create an automatic logging infrastructure in your ASP.NET application. One of the problem you can encounter using it, is that this component logs a lot of information, and particularly all POST variables of the request. If some error occours in login or registration page, you […]

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I’m working with Signalr in a real project and I found a problem with authentication. This is the Repro Steps for the bug: 1) the user open a browser tab to a public page that uses SignalR2) he opens another tab in the browser and navigate to a private page that requires authentication3) he logins […]

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This error: Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms sometimes shows up when you start working with old projects and you have only the latest version of Visual Studio installed, or when you deploy a web site or program and forget to include all dependencies. In a project I’m working to I’m using Visual Studio […]

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I usually work with WCF service that needs to be secured with Certificates or simply using HTTPS. The usual question from other dev in the team is “how can I simulate HTTPS to work with WCF?” The problem arise that to test https sites, people usually work with IIS self issued certificates. Figure 1: Self-Signed […]

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We have a web application written in asp.net and we experienced really strange problem after recent modification. We have a strange behavior in IE9 with redirects and after some inspection we found a really strange fact (that almost make us lost 2 hours of work). To recreate this situation simply create a new page in […]

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