Signalr is really good on keeping alive the connection between server and the client and make sure that the client automatically reconnect if there are connection issue. To verify this you can write a simple test with a simple hub that each second broadcasts to all clients current server timestamp with a simple timer. Now […]

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I’ve a customer where we set up a TFS Build that automatically compile, obfuscates assembly and finally publish with click-once on an internal server. As a part of the process, a tool is used to move the published packages from the internal server to public server, to make it available to final customers. This tool […]

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There is an article on MSDN that demonstrates how to enable sorting column for a ListView used with Grid layout. The solution presented there works perfectly, but I do not want to put code behind my windows, because I work with MVVM approach. The solution is wrapping everything in a behavior, so I took the […]

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Yesterday I was presented with an interesting question: How can I design a user control that change appearance when the windows containing it is maximized? Thanks to WPF binding and Triggers the solution is simple, suppose you want to create a border control that change thickness when the windows that contains this User Control is […]

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Usually I access data with ORM like NHibernate or Entity Framework and resort to plain T-SQL only for reporting or manipulation of massive data, but yesterday I had to use some plain SQL to insert data in a table that has Geograpy column. Figure 1: A table with geography data If you use EF 5 […]

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