It is a couple of days that Outlook 2013 cannot connect with linkedin anymore, I’ve tried to remove and readd again my account but it fails telling me that Password is not valid. After a brief lookup in the internet I’ve found the reason, the certificate that outlook uses to connect to linkedin is expired […]

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My blog moved to Windows Azure
on December 28th, 2012
On category: General

Actually it is a few days I’ve moved my blog to Windows Azure using Web Sites, still in Preview, but really stable. The only problem with my WordPress Site, is that I’m not able to use the automatic update of plugins, due to some problem in writing on the virtual file system, but apart from […]

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I did not like Git, it is a really personal opinion, but I work a really limited time on github project with some friend of mine and I always find surprise using git, surprises that never happened with other SCS (Hg, Subversion, TFS, etc). Today I modified a file in my working copy, but after […]

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New Blog theme
on March 10th, 2012
On category: General

I’m working on a new blog theme, but I’m surely not a good designer :), but thanks to metro design it is quite simple to create a readable style for the site. Here is a screenshot of the work in process. I think that it will improve the readability of the blog, at least I […]

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The real price of hardware
on February 27th, 2012
On category: General

I bought a Vertex 3 240GB SSD drive for 270€ VAT included and some of my friend told that this is an expensive drive and they do not want to spend so much money for a Drive. The problem is how you use your hardware, in my life I work as a software consultant, and […]

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