Error in WSUS after Windows Update KB3148812

I have a test lab with a Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controller, and one of the feature I like the most is WSUS, that allows me to spin of an update new Virtual Machines without the need to wait for all Windows Update to be downloaded from the Internet.

Yesterday I noticed that suddently the WSUS service stopped working, a couple of Test VS gaves me error trying to connect to the update service, and in the WSUS Server the service was indeed stopped.

After a look in Event Viewer I was able to track down that the reason is the database is not operational. I fired Sql Server Management studio and connected to the internal database with the address


And noticed that the WSUS Database was in Recovering state, the bad stuff is that I restored a previous backup but the problem did not go away. After a quick search I found that someone blamed the update KB3148812 to be the cause of this problem. After uninstalling that update and rebooting the server the issue went away.

Gian Maria.

How I brought my Nexus7 Back to life

I own a Nexus 7 (2012 version) and I was pretty satisifed with it, it is small, and I used primarly with Zite / Flipboard and to quickly read some news feed. The device is nice, but it has crappy hardware and, after a couple of years, it stops charging.

It turns out that there is some problem on the USB port that prevent proper charging, the simplest solution is buying a Docking Station, but asus decided to stop producing it, and now you can find on the internet at really high price.

The cheapest solution is buying a Flex Charger Cable and replace by yourself. After replacing the tablet started to charge correctly.

Then I noticed that even after a full reset, it is really slower than in the past, so I decided to check if it is a problem in the lollipop upgrade. Google has a public page where you can find all the stock roms for Nexus 7, so I downloaded the Android SDK, downloaded kitkat 4.4.4 then restore the device to KitKat in almost less than half an hour.

Now my tablet is back to life, it has no astonishing speed, but it is perfectly usable, as it was in the past. I’m also happy because I was able to avoid wasting a device that can still be useful.

In the end there are a couple of compliants I have on Nexus 7.

1) If the device has a known problem with Usb Charging (lots of user in the internet claim to have this problem) asus should have continued to produce docking station, instead of forcing people to open and fix the device.

2) Lollipop is really slow on Nexus 7, Google should do better testing of new roms against official old devices, and warn the user that upgrading to the latest version can impact on performance. Also I’d like a simple option to being able to rollback to previous Android version directly on my device, even if it will reset to factory settings.

Gian Maria.

Facebook Code Generator on Windows Phone

If you care about your online security, you would probably enable two factor authentication on every service that supports it. If you enable in facebook you would be prompted to enter a code of your Code Generator application. If you do not know how to obtain such code and ask for helps the site tells you that it is available on your Phone application.

Sadly enough, it seems that Windows Phone Facebook app does not have this option. The simplest solution is using Microsoft Authenticator app, as described in this article.

The algorithm behind secure code generation is a standard, and Microsoft Authenticator Windows Phone app works perfectly even for services that ask you for a Google generator.

Gian Maria.

Outlook 2013 social connector does not works with linkedin

It is a couple of days that Outlook 2013 cannot connect with linkedin anymore, I’ve tried to remove and readd again my account but it fails telling me that Password is not valid.


After a brief lookup in the internet I’ve found the reason, the certificate that outlook uses to connect to linkedin is expired (check this on ) so we need to wait until linkedin updates the certificate.

If you are in a hurry and really want outlook to connect back again to linkedin you can use a dirty developer trick. Just launch fiddler, a web debugging proxy that is used by developer to intercept traffic of web application. In tools-> Options menu you can instruct fiddler to intercept HTTPS traffic and decrypt it


This is usually a security hole, but it is the only way a developer can inspect HTTPS traffic of web application. The good side effect of this options, is that outlook now connect to Linkedin through fiddler, and since I’ve told him to ignore server certificate errors, outlook can connect to linkedin.


Clearly as soon as you close fiddler connection get lost, but it can be useful if you need to retrieve some information from linkedin (new contact, etc), then you can simply close fiddler.

Do not remember to remove interception certificate once the problem will be corrected with a new official certificate.

Gian Maria.

My blog moved to Windows Azure

Actually it is a few days I’ve moved my blog to Windows Azure using Web Sites, still in Preview, but really stable. The only problem with my WordPress Site, is that I’m not able to use the automatic update of plugins, due to some problem in writing on the virtual file system, but apart from this little problem (I updated my plugin with standard FTP) I’m really satisfied of azure.

Thank to the fact that I have a MSDN subscription I have a certain amount of resources available for free, because they are included in the base MSDN subscription, you can read details here.

Moving to azure was really simple, just activated a new Web Site in reserved or shared mode, upload all site content with FTP, then restore MySql database to a linked MySql database (you have 20MB of MySql actually available for Web Sites), and finally switched my dns, and the blog is now running on Azure.


Actually if you have a MSDN subscription, Azure is a really appealing hosting solution. PHP support is good, you can also use the WinCache as cache backend for your W3 Total Cache plugin and everything runs smooth.


Happy New Year to everyone :).

Gian Maria