I like the AjaxControlToolkit, but using those controls without a real knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes can be dangerous. We have a simple page that shows a list of objects of type A; for each line there is a button called “Associate”, that opens a modal-like dialog where the user can search […]

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In an old project I have a particular user control dedicated to identify data stored in a tree. The user can type some letters, and press “Search” button to find all the elements that match the search, or it can use a series of DropDownList to navigate from the higher element down to the hierarchy. […]

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jQuery has really a lot of interesting plugins, but the one I like most is a template engine called jtemplates. Basically it consist of a jQuery extension that is capable of rendering html with javascript on client machine. You really have a lot of flexibility on how to specify a template, basically you can embed […]

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I’ve found this exceptional component to do file upload with jQuery and ajax call. I have a page where I need to edit a domain entity that have a property of type List<FileAttach>, and I need to permit to the user to easily add and remove attachments. The asp.net webform where this control resides is […]

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I’m porting a sample application from asp.net to MVC, I used this app to make my session during last DotNetMarche event dedicated to JQuery. Now I’m writing the same sample pages in asp.net mvc to compare both technologies. In an Asp.Net page I showed how to use jQuery to do “Edit in place” of some […]

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