If you are used in installing Solr in Windows environment and you install for the first time a version greater than 4.2.1 you can have trouble in letting your Solr server to start. The symptom is: service is stopped in Tomcat Application Manager and if you press start you got a simple error telling you [...]

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NHibernate has a lot of interesting and specific option for mapping entities that can really cover every scenario you have in mind, but you need to be aware of every implication each advanced option has on performances. If you are in a legacy-database scenario where entity A reference Entity B, but someone outside the control [...]

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After I configured Solr 4.3 on a Virtual Machine (side by side with a 4.0) it refuses to start, and the only error I have in catilina log files is SEVERE: Error filterStart This leaved me puzzled, but thanks to Alexandre and the exceptional Solr Mailing list I was directed toward the solution. Solr 4.3 [...]

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I’ve already dealt on how to index documents with Solr and Tika and in this article I’ll explain how you can not only search for documents that match your query, but returns even some text extract that shows where the document match the query. To achieve this, you should store the full content of the [...]

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In a previous article I showed how simple is to import data from a Sql database into Solr with a Data Import Handler, in this article I’ll use a similar technique to import documents stored inside a folder. This feature is exposed by the integration with Tika, an open source document analyzer capable of extracting [...]

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