I’ve installed some weeks ago a new server, and at the time of installation I did the really bad error of not fully checking BIOS settings. This week I moved a couple of SSD to that server, because it will be used for virtualization, and I did noticed that my Vertex 4 is performing really […]

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I’ve decided to move to a 500 GB SSD to have plenty of space to store my virtual machines. At the time of the decision, Samsung EVO was the better option. I’ve posted in the past benchmarks for my Vertex4 256 GB And I was really curious about performance of Samsung EVO. Vertex 4 has […]

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Sadly enough if you try to upgrade your Proliant Microserver N54L (or N40L) to Windows Server 2012 R2 you probably got stuck after the third reboot at 84% when it is time to install computer devices. The problem is caused by the NIC firmare that is not compatible with Server 2012 R2. Luckly enough, HP […]

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I needed to move my blog on another hosting quickly, and I was puzzled on what hosting to choose. Since I had no much time to evaluate a series of alternative, I asked to some friends for an hosting that have monthly billing and they directed me towards aspnix. Since I had no time to […]

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I’m a great fan of Three Monitors configuration and I usually have two video cards with a Motherboard that support two PCI Express 16x. This configuration is not the top, unless you really need to have super high video performance using the two Video Card in Crossfire configuration. I’ve also the following problems My Motherboard […]

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