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I was probably born an enthusiast programmer and I discovered it when I start playing with my first computer, a commodore Vic20. With the Vic20 I discovered the joy of programming, It were the 80ies, I have 3.5 KB of memory for my programs, and It seemed to me that computers will really change my life.

After the Vic20 I passed through 80×86, 80x486DX, Pentium 150, AMD K6-2 233, Pentium II 450, Athlon XP2100+, core2 T2200 and finally my core2 8400. It is fantastic how the technology changed in these 22 years, I can still remember when 8 mb of ram were really a huge amount of ram…now I have 2 GB, and it is not so much.

I begin programming in Vic20 BASIC, then BASIC80, then I studied Pascal, Fortran ( a little bit), a little bit of prolog and Cobol. When I went to university I began study C and C++ and began to have great interest in Computer Graphics. You can find some of my works in www.nablasoft.com , but most of them are in Italian (sorry guys ;) ). I programmed Playstation2 with the Linux kit (you can find a tutorial here) and I was fanatic of Assembly Language. I’m an electronic engineer with specialization in MicroElectronics, so it is natural that I love low level languages even if I did not write a single line of assembly code for the last years.

I work as Independent Consultant in Italy, mainly doing consulting gigs in .NET Framework and Visual Studio ALM, I developed both windows applications and web applications, and I have a great passion for the architecture of software and begin interesting of: pattern, ORM, IoC, etc.

I have an Italian blog at UgiDotNet and you can also find me in:



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You can also contact me on E-mail ( alkampfer [at] nablasoft [dot] com )

Gian Maria.

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  1. Want to say thanks for your insight into the clr-namespace, assembly tip. Burned more the 12 hours on this and was about the take the approach of setting the style direct in code. But luck sent me to link.

    About 95% there, but having a issue related to get the blockblock to pass in Text value into converter.

    Thanks for your help



  2. Hi,
    I read about changes you made into SimpleCQRS and I’m interested, if you can share updated code.

    Petr Šnobelt

    PS: Also note that paging on your blog is broken…

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