Unable to use Android Emulator error ADB_VENDOR_KEY

I’m working with Xamarin, but in my workstation, where my user has no administrative right, I’m not capable of running the emulator, even if I start everything with administrative user.

Device unauthorieze ADB_VENDOR_KEY is not set


Figure 1: Error running the emulator.

I have a really similar identical setup on another computer, where the user is admin of the machine and everythign work. I’ve found some solution on the internet, but nothing worked, until I found some clue on the fact that, this error is somewhat related to google store.


Figure 2: Removing play store from emulator settings 

First step was removing the Google Play Store from emulator configuration, then I needed also to force a Cold boot, because for some reason, it just don’t work on my system.



Figure 3: Disable fast boot and force a cold boot

On a decent developer machine, ColdBoot is fast, so actualy it is absolute not a problem for me. Now I’m able to use the emulator in Xamarin.

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