The wonderful world of Unit Testing

Last Friday our usergroup organized a Workshop with the argument “unit Testing and MVC”. The event was good, I was one the speakers,  and did a presentation on “Introduction to Testing”. The audience was interested, most of the attendee remained until 20:00 PM, even if the official Close Time was 19:00. People did a lot of questions and seems that the overall interest for Unit Testing world is growing.

It seems that we are at a point where a lot of people heard about these “unit Tests”, but only few of them really knows the complexity and the deep of the argument. Doing Unit Testing is not a matter of knowing a tool or another. You can use nUnit, xUnit, mbUnit, msTest or wethever tool you like, but the basis of Unit Testing is not dependant on tools or language or environment.

the excellent site try to make emphases on pattern used during Unit Testing. It is not important whatever tool or language you use, concepts like Fragile Test, Database Sandbox, and all the others that you can find in the site are universal.

The main problem is that learning to use a tool or framework like xUnit, MbUnit, etc it is a matter of hours, learning to write really good Unit Tests it is a matter of months. It is important to understand that Unit Testing is a complex world, and there is a lot of time to spend on the subject before actually master it effectively.



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