Error synchronizing database with red gate SQL compare

Today I was synchronizing two database with red gate sql compare, newer database has 6 more additional view, but the sync script failed with some errors. One of the view is called MatterKnowledges and the script return error “matterknowledges” already exists, even if the destination database has no such view. The problem originates from the fact that the view (SQL2000) was create with a different name and then renamed to MatterKnowledges. The solution to the problem was dropping and then recreate the view on the original database, now all works ok.


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  1. This is an annoying SQL Server problem with objects that are renamed using sp_rename. The system tables in SQL Server store inconsistent information after such renames (the text of the view, procedure, etc is not updated). The latest version of SQL Compare (version 6.1) detects such inconsistencies and fixes the database objects (views, stored procedures, etc.) With this version you should not experience the above problem.


    Andras Belokosztolszki
    Red Gate Software

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