When I was in University, I had the luck to know a lot of people really passionate about technology and programming. Among them there are some other folks that, like me, had a great passion for Computer Graphics, so we started studying together DirectX and other typical Computer Graphics techniques.

After some times we decided to create a site called Nablasoft to collect some of our works. The site is written in Italian language and contains some of our work of that period. There is a dedicated page to computer graphics where we stored all our work that was ready to be published. Sadly enough, we had some more interested work to show, but we decided not to make it public and the site misses some interesting work on Photogrammetry we did, such as reconstructing position of points in 3D space from 2 photos.

The site contains also a dedicated section to Windows Programming because we also worked as freelance programmers in Windows environment. Finally we have also a section dedicated to Assembly Language because I was always passionate about Low Level programming.

Finally in the Project section we stored three of our works we did at University. We have a 3D pipeline project in VHDL and a work on Micromachine.

The site had no update from loooong time, but the work stored there required us (and especially me) a lot of time 🙂 and it reminds me a lot of memories, so I think it deserve a page in my space that links to it.