About Me

About Me

I was probably born an enthusiast programmer and I discovered it when I start playing with my first computer, a commodore Vic20. With the Vic20 I discovered the joy of programming, It were the 80ies, I have 3.5 KB of memory for my programs, and It seemed to me that computers will really change my life.

After the Vic20 I passed through 80×86, 80x486DX, Pentium 150, AMD K6-2 233, Pentium II 450, Athlon XP2100+, core2 T2200 and finally my core2 8400. It is fantastic how the technology changed in these 22 years, I can still remember when 8 mb of ram were really a huge amount of ram…now I have 2 GB, and it is not so much.

I begin programming in Vic20 BASIC, then BASIC80, then I studied Pascal, Fortran ( a little bit), a little bit of prolog and Cobol. When I went to university I began study C and C++ and began to have great interest in Computer Graphics. You can find some of my works in www.nablasoft.com , but most of them are in Italian (sorry guys ;) ). I programmed Playstation2 with the Linux kit (you can find a tutorial here) and I was fanatic of Assembly Language. I’m an electronic engineer with specialization in MicroElectronics, so it is natural that I love low level languages even if I did not write a single line of assembly code for the last years.

I work as Independent Consultant in Italy, mainly doing consulting gigs in .NET Framework and Visual Studio ALM, I developed both windows applications and web applications, and I have a great passion for the architecture of software and begin interesting of: pattern, ORM, IoC, etc.

I have an Italian blog at UgiDotNet and you can also find me in:

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You can also contact me on E-mail ( alkampfer [at] nablasoft [dot] com )

Gian Maria.