Playstation 2

PlayStation 2

A lot of time ago I was an enthusiast of Computer Graphics and 3D in general and I was also really interested in low level programming like Aseembly Language. Clearly those two interestes confluenced in loving console Architecture and programming, because it was the perfect environment where you should mix knowledge of 3D graphics and also a good understanding of Archtectures and Assembly Language.


At that time it was easy to experiment with Playstation2 thanks to the Linux Kit. Actually I’ve to thank my dear friend Francesco, that bought the kit and after a little time gave it to me to experiment with PS2. It was really fun because thanks to some external library, you can really program at low level, with direct manipulation of DMAC and Vector Units. After some time spent with the SDK I decided to write a little tutorial to help others to start working with the Kit.


Today such a tutorial has a little value, Playstation 4 is now in the market and hardly anyone is still interested in programming Playstation 2, but since I’ve spent a good amount of time writing that document, I think that it still deserve to have a place in my site. Here is the direct link to the tutorial. It is composed by a pdf containing the final version of the tutorial as well as source code for all the examples, but you can compile them only with Playstation 2 Linux kit with sps2 lib installed.