Most of my professional growth is due to communities, they are the primary place where people share knowledge and where you can truly have a good exchange of ideas, knowledge and projects. The concept of community is the grounding fondation for Agile Culture, especially because they are not ruled by traditional processes. A community is more an ecosystem where ideas and people can grow togheter.

The first community I’ve joined is UGIdotNET, the biggest Italian community dedicated to .NET technology. My first blog, Alkampfer’s Place is hosted there.

After joining UgiDotNet I toom part in the creation of another UserGroup called DotNetMarche, basically it is a smaller version of UGIdotNET but with a bound to the region of Italy I live in, called Marche. It gaves me the possibility to know a bunch of exceptional people and the ability to actively start contributing to a community, both as a speaker and as an organizer of Events.

I was involved also in an Italian community dedicated to Software Architecture called GUISA, but for a lot of reasons we were not able to make it grow a lot, so it is actually quite dormient.

The last community I was involved in was GetLatestVersion, another Italian community dedicated to Application Lifecycle Management, with a strong emphasys on Visual Studio ALM ecosystem.